My original Post on the open thread: I have a bunch of clothes that I have shrunken out of. They are sizes 12 and 14 and some of them are petites. I don't have a full list with me because I am at work, but they include an absolutely gorgeous forest green wool coat, a nice grey skirt suit, some j crew pants and sweaters, and some pretty cocktail dresses. I will try to post pics later when I get home. Would anyone be interested?

I can mail a box to anywhere reasonable or give them in person to someone in Philly. I am trying to rebuild my wardrobe piece by piece in my new size so I know how expensive it can be, and I would love to be able to help someone out.

Now with pictures (sorry they aren't better quality. I used my phone's camera and my apt doesn't have overhead lighting):


Wenchette – coat and blue dress

Smithwellette – gray pants, cream shell, and cream sweater (it's a large and if you fit the shell then you will fit the sweater)


Singsyoursong – gray suit and teal tank top (sorry coat has been nabbed already).

Falafel Apostle – green JCrew dress

That leaves the workout clothes, cords, black shirt, and jackets, unless someone would like me to toss them in your box.

Green Wool DKNY Coat Size 12 (it's a deeper green than really shows here)

Dresses: Calvin Klein blue shift dress - Size 14 and J Crew olive green 40s style dress - Size 12 (it's rather wrinkly here, but very cute on a body)

Suit: Anne Klein gray skirt suit - Size 14P

Pants: JCrew grey pinstripe wool pants - Size 12, Old Navy skinny red cords - size 16 (these were really more a size 14 in my experience)

Tops: Mossimo teal tank top - size L (14/12), J Crew cream silk shell - Size 12, Ark&CoBlack top - Size L (14/12 - this is transparent and needs to be worn over something unless you are clubbing or whatever)

Jackets & Sweaters: Calvin Klein black blazer - Size 14, H&M white cotton jacket - Size 14, JCrew cream argyle cashmere sweater - Size L (prob 14)

Finally, workout gear: Nike drifit green shirt - Size L (prob a 12 - more of a lime green than it looks in this pic), Nike drifit green running jacket (prob a 14/12 depending on how tight you like your running gear, kept me comfy in snowy weather)